If you are Triple H what changes do you make right away?

Gradually transition to more realistic looking matches.

wow all hhh had to do was rehire dakota kai and that was enough for the drones

gonna open that checkbook to buy sasha, naomi, gargano, etc for clout and goodwill

one big change he could make is to do less of this

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Can do without Gargano and Naomi to be honest. Money is better spent elsewhere. Naomi and Gargano have had years to show what they have. I’m not buying it.

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Hhh needs to bring back Chris Benoit’s legacy and also bring back test of strength

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Bringing back Scarlett’s glorious ass was a win.


More adult content/writing

Turn the crowd mic up, give the show some atmosphere

Please stop with the camera shaking and cuts

End the brand split if they haven’t already

re -do the angle where Ric Flair has to retire for good whenever he loses a match. Have every Raw be Ric going to a time limit draw so that he lives to wrestle again the next week


finally, after 15 months, Dominic Mysterio catches him with a roll-up that Ric kicks out of at 3 1/2

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Have they gotten rid of the fake crowd noise since Vince left?

The biggest changes he could make would be to production.
Kevin Dunn style editing and filming turns off more viewers than it pulls.
If that goes the product will improve overnight.

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I’m not too sure that leaves with Kevin. I think some method of sleight of hand camera work (beyond the director strategically choosing the live camera) will continue to be used to cover for soft punches in WWE.

I’m not sure punches are any stiffer in AEW, but they put much more of the onus on the wrestlers to make punches look good, and not with particularly good results imho. Sometimes it’s more on production, though. I’ve seen them stick with a bad camera shot for the punches being delivered for several seconds.

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Just posted following my breaking of the story:

The wrestling style especially of the women is so soft nowadays that the cuts and shaking cover up for them. It doesn’t surprise me they don’t want it gone.

What’s 50/50 booking?

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WTF? You changed your name back?

50/50 booking is where no one wins, no one loses. Except Roman, who always wins. So you have a feud leading up to a PPV. They have 1-2 matches per week, and it goes like:

1st week: Heel wins doing something nefarious
2nd: Face is about to win, there’s a DQ
3rd: Some sort of tag match. Neither pins the other
4th: No match, just a fight where the face gets the better of it.
PPV: Face wins

The “feud” ends 1-1-1 with one or two no-finishes. If they want the program to run longer, the face wins in week one, the heel by shenanigans at the PPV, and they do the weeks leading up to the next PPV involving more of the same, with 3rd parties interjecting and more tag matches.

Nothing means anything, no one ever really wins, and no one ever takes a clean pin.