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ebullock -  prommanow.com/index.php/2010/12/19/hired-as-commentator-seth-petruzelli-recounts-nemesis-fighting-ordeal/

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Harlemsavoy -  Can we get a sticky for this?

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As soon as this even hits, I'm putting my money down on it. I could care less if the fights were crap(not saying they were or will be), but It's BS that the fighters and everyone got treated like this.

This sucks for everyone involved minus the douchebag promoters.

 jesus christ

 I wonder if Bob Fill is a mod like Chambers and will just delete these threads and have half this forum swing off his nuts.

What a mess.
Good luck with everything, and I will pay to watch!

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This is both unbelievable and yet not surprising. Some shady ass people in the fight promotion business.

TTT for UG folk buying the PPV


Unbelievable! Will purchase the PPV for sure.

 Someone should petition Dana White to pay all their salaries...

can't wait to see the PPV, will be glad to pay the $10.


In true MMA style though, these fighters did not disappoint, even though many of them knew that something was very wrong.

Petruzelli continued, “The fights were amazing. Every fighter put their heart on the line and put on a great show! Even though they had no one in back telling them when it was their turn to fight or [when] to make their walk out. All the fighters helped each other out and ran the backstage production of the show themselves, too, the whole time knowing that something isn’t right with this, but kept on fighting anyway because they trusted these scumbags.”

good read.

this is like a flashback to 1992.

i will definately buy the ppv, keep us posted-MM

lol @ someone getting a 'buddy at the bank' to give balance information on another account. all you have to do is call and verify the checking account you hold a check from has funds to cover it. I doubt anyone would risk (what I'm guessing is) a federal offense of disclosing someone's account info that's not theirs for 'a buddy'   

That's a fucked up deal though. I don't think i'd have been too interested in 'meet us tomorrow' stuff. i bet you guys knew right then you were fucked.

Christ, someone needs to stop this kind of shit. 

 Am I the only one who finds it odd that the writer speaks of herself in the third person?

"Seth Petruzelli, who was hired to commentate the event, told ProMMAnow.com’s Susan Cingari...Stay tuned as this inquisitive reporter plans to enter the “Octagon of Reporting” and take down this opponent."

 Holy shit... this is a crazy story....

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