If you could ask Chuck a question

What would it be?

My first would be:

  1. How many times have you watched Scarface?

I'm supposed to be receiving an award where Chuck is gonna be in attendance, so I'll get the chance to ask, hopefully.

Can Willa Ford really shove an entire kilbasa down her throat?

So not asking that question Dave.


id ask what celebrity bitches hes banged

Hey!...Don't talk bad about the mohawk!

That's bannable!

I'd ask him to give me money.

Caveman Dave has papparrazzid the correct

One simple question.

What is Eddie Bravos phone number and address?

Some good ones, I will ask, and if I get a chance, will pull out a list, and use your screennames.

I'd ask:

"Chuck, do you think Rampage looked scared the other night after you beat Tito?"

I'd ask him how he gets all that damn power into his punches - I mean really, how does he hit so hard???

Good one Matt, it's on the list.


How was the New Year's blowjob from Jenna?


"Chuck, what did Dana White say to you after the Tito victory?"

When r U realistically going to be back competing. Are u going to have surgery or just rehab ur ACL? Will they give u a tune up fight when u come back or will give U the Number #1 contender?

How many whores do u bang in a week?

I would ask. "When are you going to get a sick trible tattoo to match your kanji?"

Then I would run real fast.

I remember it. What do I get?