If you could choose only one co If series... What?

If you could only read one comic series once in your life and then never read another comic again.

Which one would you choose? Phone Post

right now? invincible

Tomb of Dracula

Fables or Starman

oooh, hard one... this would exclude newer series that doesn't have the sheer amount of issues like some of my faves (100 Bullets, Fell, Gravel, Global Frequency, Planetary, Uncanny X-Force, etc.)


Fables is good choice, I think i'm leaning towards either Batman (or Detective Comics), Uncanny X-Men or Avengers


if i had to choose just one, i guess Uncanny X-Men.

Walking Dead

Invincible is a close second

And I love Scott Snyders Batman run so far Phone Post



probably planetary, lucifer, hell blazer, or sandman.

but the kid loki arc, short as it was, would get consideration.

hellblazer or sandman

I would say JMS's Squadron Supreme books, but the run was too short.



The Amazing Spider-Man. the first 50 some odd issues are fuckin holy.

In this order:

Lucifer (good call Taba)
100 Bullets
The Boys
n9k's UFC comics

Actually in all honesty mine would probably be Sandman