If you could eat/drink anything with impunity....

Pick one thing that you can eat or drink an unlimited amount of and you would get none of the negative aspects of it. (i.e. fat content, calories, etc.) You could enjoy it with impunity.

I would probably say Beer or Chinese food.


I don't know if there are any negative nutrition facts.

Sodium, maybe?

Pizza Phone Post 3.0

Misedukatd - pussy

Phone Post 3.0

Uh beer for sure (assuming I still get drunk with no negative alcohol effects) Phone Post 3.0

See, now about a dozen whiskys deep is when I start missing dead friends.

I'm surprised there's no Fast Food here yet.

It's awful for you, but it's pretty tasty.

Good call with pizza.

Cherry coke Phone Post 3.0

Xmas dinner every fucking day Phone Post 3.0

soda...shit if i removed the calories from soda alone I'd be 1/2 the man I am today!

Performance enhancing drugs. No bacne Phone Post 3.0

Zuurkool Phone Post 3.0

Beer & Burgers

Crackers...you give me free reign to eat as many Triscuits, Wheat Thins etc. as I can, and I would be a happy man.

WTF! Why is bacon not numba one?!?!? Phone Post 3.0

Mike126 - Sushi. Phone Post 3.0

Good one. Mercury poisoning does sound pretty terrible.

Pizza Phone Post 3.0

Tequila and ice cream (not together). Phone Post 3.0