If you could have any boxers tools

If you could have the physical tools of any boxer that ever lived who would you choose?

You can't pick and chose abilities, you can only pick one person.

If I could also have the ring-smarts and mental-toughness of a prime Ali, I would take the physical tools of the 80's version of Tyson.

you are responsible for the brains and smarts, the only thing we are looking for is physical(chin, power, speed, endurance)

Clint - If choosing intangibles of another fighter is disallowed, then I'd select the welter-weight version of Ray Robinson. Does the fighter we select have to approximate our heights/weights?

I'd take RJJ's speed.

prime Mike Tyson. No one could stop him if he'd had the right intangibles

you will be your sizes version of that fighter

Then Robinson it is.

Actually, if this thread weren't limited to boxing, I'd really pick the attributes of Matt Hughes.


I'd have to go with Robinson.


Floyd's ripped belly, then I'd go hang out on the beach all day

Fighter's attributes, at your size? That means guys smaller than you are will be far improved in strength and keep their speed, but big guys will look like small chubby guys with average speed.

I'll take Ricardo "Finito" Lopez from 10 years ago.


Sonny Liston is reknowned for having had a huge tool. I'd trade mine for his. :)

Actually, I'd have to choose Jack Dempsey.

Baby Joe's jab?

Come to think of it, I think I'd prefer having Greb's abilitity over Robinson. I'd love to be lightning quick with nearly limitless stamina.

tysons right hook and both uppercuts

So basically we're asking in a round about way who
was the most physically gifted fighter. I'm assuming
their boxing skill doesn't come with the package.
I'll say Tyson too. If boxing skill does come with
it, then I'll say Joe Louis or Ray Robinson.

Frankly, anyone's physical gifts would be better than
what I'm forced to work with.