If you could have one superpower what would it be?

What would you pick?

Ability to fly? Super strength? Immortal? Impenetrable skin? Teleportation? Laser eyes? Invisibility? Phasing through objects?

I think probably a super speeder like The Flash would be the way to go. However, I think The Flash has to consume thousands of calories a day to keep up with his metabolism so you’d probably spend most of the day eating so that would suck.

Maybe a Technopath; someone with the ability to control technology/computers. Probably be the easiest gift to live a normal life. Just pipe into bank servers and applications and add thousands of dollars into your account. Problem would be how attuned is your gift in order to get away with shit like that?

In any case, what would you choose?

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  1. The force
  2. X-ray vision
  3. Reading peoples thoughts


flying: Nothing you cant do by purchasing a cheap plane ticket

super strength: Heavy equipment will fill that gap

immortal: You would get bored after a few hundred years

impenetrable skin: Impenetrable skin would suck if you get cancer or a disease where you need injections

invisibility: That would be cool. But your clothes would still be visible so that would mean you would have to get naked to make it work.

I’d probably chose the ability to heal people with a touch. At least you are doing something fulfilling. But Big Pharma would probably have you assassinated within a week.


Apathy. I don’t really care if I ever get it though.



Invisibility would be tough in cold environments. In the summer you’d have to worry about mosquitos who don’t care you’re invisible. Infra-red goggles renders your invisibility moot to extreme preppers, LE, and militia. You also can’t escape making noise as you walk through the woods or stairs creaking as you go peeping tom in a girl’s house. Dogs also will notice you and go berserk because they can sense that something is wrong.

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“I would go to the dog pound and touch every pit bull I could find”

–greg brady


Speedsters would have to deal with wind chill factors or at extreme speed getting burned from air friction. Like if you’re going as fast as a space capsule re-entering orbit then you’re going to fry. So there’s an upper limit to how fast you can go even if you do have the ability to go faster.


The ability to pause and restart time.


Unlimited sight, the abilty know anything from any point in time, anywhere in the universe.


I would abuse this power to no end every morning when the alarm goes off.


Strength without invulnerability will have its real world limits too. Doesn’t matter how much your muscles can output if your skeletal structure, skin, and pain sensors can’t bear it.


Reading thoughts would be ideal because you could just manipulate a lot.

U could just read someone’s first impression of u. Not to mention what a boss is thinking about you or on the thought process about a job !



Yeah I think the mental superpowers probably work better in a universe where normal physics, chemistry, and biology still works.

I like the technopath suggestion in the OP too.

Another useful one would be that ability to copy/do any physical skill after just watching it. Granted you’d also have to have the physical attributes to do so, like being flexible if you want to duplicate a yoga master or have flexibility and strength if you want to copy a gymnast. But that still leaves a lot of skills that you can do without having to practice for 10,000 hours.

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There would be a lot of 10’s wondering why they are suddenly not wearing pants!


I just want to hit a few vaults and I’m good.

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I just want to be a computer whiz, that’s all. If I could stop having to pay people to do simple shit like internet marketing that would be great

And you’d be able to communicate with animals too.

Would bullet proof mean i could take any punch too? If so, thats what id say.

If not, then super strength.

UFC HW champion for life!!!

Super speed. I could stop rushing around everywhere I go and just be everywhere

I would wear distinctive suit with five diamonds on it… I would be known as The Flush

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