If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Bullet proof to me seems like it means you’d have skin that bullets can’t penetrate. Similar to having an infallible bullet proof vest. A punch would be different because the impact jars your head and brain. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t feel pain. So I doubt you’d be UFC champion since you can still get knocked out, choked unconscious, or have to tap to an armbar. It’d be useful having to walk through the hood though, because it’d offer protection against knife attacks too I would imagine. But then as has been pointed out earlier in the thread about invulnerability, needles might have a hard time against your skin so good luck if you need an injection or blood transfusion.

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So i choose super strength.

UFC heavyweight champion for life!!

Good choice. I think super strength would get your that UFC title for life that you so desire.


Stopping and speeding up time would be a mixed bag if you aged independent of your powers.

It’s going to take me less than ten minutes to eat out a hot chick frozen in time. It’s negligible.


The ability to modulate my body mass. Not change size, I mean I would stay exactly the same size, but be able to go from my current body mass to that of a mote of dust instantly. You could fly/swim through the air with a couple of hand fans, walk on water, fall from great heights and land softly, jump long distances and heights.

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Shapeshifting/voice manipulation like mystique would be way too much fun.


I know about this one from personal experience.

Super strength requires super bone density and super strong ligaments and tendons.

It is a toss up between teleportation and being a shape shifter. Teleportation means I can get up 10 minutes before work and still be there on time. I could go to any destination I wanted at anytime. Stressed? Fuck ot, teleport to Aruba for the weekend. Plus you could teleport into bank vaults and take what you like. Hell, you could be a magician if you decide to be a showman, make money that way. If you could teleport others you could be a smuggler too. Hell, you could open your own teleportation airline. 10 grand and I take you anywhere in the world. Loads of fun to be had.

Shapeshifter - I would just morph into hot chick’s husbands/boyfriends and bang a bunch of 10s for the rest of my life. Pose as a billionaire trust fund baby and get daddy to gimme 100k for the weekend. Shit like that. Pose as Biden and sniff ki… I mean…


I too was going to post shape/shifter with ability to shift voice like what DaveFu mentioned being like Mystique. And I too would want that ability foremost for the sex that it would get me. Also useful for shift shaping into some of the world class assholes and incriminate them in things that would get them jailed or make them lose their influence.

I would shape shift into Anna Taylor-Joy and finger the shit out of myself.


I like this but I’d settle for being able to turn the volume down on my wife and kids.


The power of persuasion.

I would be able to persuade any person at any time to do anything… legal or not legal, ethical or not etc…

I would then persuade a teleportation designer to teleport me to some famous assassinations, gun fights etc… and may or maybe not persuade the killer(s) to follow through with their intentions.

Of course along the way I would persuade Alexandria Daddario to suck my cock while Lacy Chabert had her tongue in my pooper

I second teleportation. Having super speed seems like a lot of work. Teleportation is the lazy man’s speedster

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Mr Purples powers.
David Tennant did a fucking awesome job as him, but when i watched the show i thought that was s cool power.
I could essentially take whatever I wanted by just asking. Give me this Ferrari for free, suck my dick, jump off a cliff, eat that homeless man’s asshole etc.

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Able to jerk off an unlimited amount…

Immortality. If I could stay at this age forever I would.

So wait a minute; if invisibility means you have to be naked because your clothes won’t be invisible, why would those clothes teleport with you if your superpower was teleportation?


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