If you could move anywhere in USA to train except

Assuming I had to move and the decision was based only on furthering my jiu jitsu I would probably go to Atlanta.

Fifty/50 with Ryan in Virginia

pheonix5 - 

Renzo or Marcelo's, NYC.

Houston to learn from draculino

pheonix5 -

Renzo or Marcelo's, NYC.

This. Phone Post 3.0

FanToFighter - 
whiteponey - Chicago for Carlson Gracie Phone Post
Fuck Chicago Phone Post 3.0

And Chicago says fuck you.

BjjSlice - 
GrahamJ -
BjjSlice - Not in florida or Cali? Mg in NYC, or crazy88 in Maryland Phone Post 3.0

Why Crazy 88: does Master Limp drop by and rape the students on the regular, and you're hoping for a piece of the action...?
No, crazy 88 is coached by Julius park and a bunch of savages train there that I've competed against and are all cool guys, that's why u dickhead Phone Post 3.0

Stay classy, dickhead (just don't drop the soap).


Man so many good places! have to pick just one???

BJ in Hilo

nine nine with Eduardo Telles.

Marcelo's for sure.

MG's no question. Phone Post 3.0

Wherever I could move and afford a lot of land.