If you could play any instrument..

...extremely well, which would you chose. Personally I started out on bass, but now play guitar and some keyboard. But, if I was able to go back and pick an instrument from the point of view I have now, I would love to be a great violinist or saxophonist.

The saxophone - and as luck would have it, I DO play it well. Booyea.

I would love to be able to play boogie woogie piano

really well at that too

Noone's picked my skin flute yet. I'm surprized.

Guitar. I would like to be able to play guitar in any(or at least many) styles with confidence and passion.

I'm a much better mechanic than player. I can do the rock thing, but wish I had a better music education and spent more time playing.

the didgeridoo

Piano hands down


Piano, trumpet, cello, standup bass, drums

Shit, I want to play everything.

Upright Bass, Piano.


"Shit, I want to play everything"

even the skin flute?

Why, you giving lessons?


"Why, you giving lessons?"

every man has his price