If you could recommend 1 video...

If you could recommend only 1 video set/video for a beginner in judo what would it be? I am looking for good technical detail on the basic throws. I am thinking of the 5 tape set by Mike Swain. Besides your top choice, any others that have helped you make the throws work in competition? Thanks!

as a beginner i just did uchikomis, randori and newaza...

i would recommend u just buy a judo book and look at the basic throws. i would assume videos aren't going to help u as much as time on the mat.

where do u train fatbuddha?

thanks JudDOk@, I don't expect it to help all that much, but if I get bored at home and feel like watching a video I would like to get something related to judo - any suggestions?

For beginers Steve Cunningham Judo Tapes. For competion Koga, Jeon, Udo, and Mike Swains.


I second the Steve Cunningham videos. They explain in detail the principles of the throws very clearly, with basic applications and combos.

The Kodokan Gokyo No Waza tape is good too.

Ben R.

thanks guys, keep the opinions coming

best place to order the Cunningham video from?

where can i get The Kodokan Gokyo No Waza tape from?

FatBuddha try Bill Moody's Martial Arts Video


I am a big fan of the Swain tapes, the basic/beginner tapes have a focus on how to teach techniques, which makes them a little bit different from other stuff.

Recently I saw the Neil Adams Gokyo DVD - basically it's like "101 Ippons" with footnotes on which throw is which. Not much technical detail but I think it could be good for showing off judo to non-judo people.

ippon 101

My series is quite good for all parts of the paradigm - check them out
on island entertainment

Swain's championship grappling tape set is great for judo grappling,
even though he only demonstrates a limited set of throws.

People have recommended his Complete Judo dvds to me, but I haven't
picked up a copy yet. If they are anything like his newaza tapes, they
are probably worth every penny. If anyone has checked these out I'd
love to hear some feed back on them.

Cunningham's tapes may be "boring", but he covers the details and principles of each of the throws in the gokyo in detail and correctly.

That's important for a beginner to see and watch if he/she wants to get a good understanding of the basics.

Ben Reinhardt

for newaza, I'd recommend Roy Harris's BJJ 101 Vol. 1 & 2.

These are strictly about position (osaekomi) and how to escape and maintain holds.

Great Stuff! Looking back, I'd have excelled and developed my game much better and more complete if I knew these things in the beginning.

Has anyone seen kashiwazaki 2 part VHS series?can anyone post a review?good or bad?


I have the Kashiwazaki set - very worthwhile thou a bit hard for me to watch for any length of time as it is in Japanese. Definetely not for begineers.

Where is uchimatafan? Seeing as how he/she owns nearly all known instructional judo videos i would ask her/him.


Ask Steve, I'm sure he'll have some suggestions. By the way how are you doing? What days are you at the dojo?

Hey Famliman! I will definitely do that. I usually come to the dojo Monday, Wedesday and Friday mornings and one evening out of the week, but I am trying to go to more evening classes. I was there yesterday evening , and will be there today (Wednesday), and tomarrow (Thursday) evening. I need a lot of work!