If you dont go see Rocky

then your not american imo

I agree. Great film. Nobody ends up a bad guy. Everyone leaves inspired. JKB

Training montage (sp?) includes kettlebells, chains, kegs, and power/olympic lifts. I felt like a trend setter. My buddy Mike and I have been doing kettlebell and other old-school lifts for years. JKB

Say it AGAIN, XenNova, SAY IT AGAIN!


great movie

man i'm fucking itching to see it. 

What happens at the end? Does he get some damn money? I was pissed about the loot in rocky V

I am really happy to see the UG supporting this film. As a Philadelphian, an Italian, and as an American, it makes my day.

Very good movie

great end to the series.  solid flick. 

the training session was about what, 3-4min?  but it felt like 10 seconds.

movie was great.  I loved it!

Great movie. It is inspiring for the middle aged folks.

Terrific movie IMO

"You guys don't have sex, do you?"

hahaaa that's kinda what I was thinking

My twelve year old son and I saw it, and both really enjoyed it. We watched all of the old ones in order during the weeks leading up to the release to "get prepared". We will see it again on the big screen.

I went to see the premiere and i'm still not American! whats up with that?

Big 'English' Tom

Sly just trying to make another dollar IMO

That was easily the best one since Rocky 1

someone please soccer kick me in the face if i waste the $$ to see it.

Damn good movie!seemed like it had more of a realistic plot to it than the others.
Lol,at Tyson calling out Dixon!