If you don't like MMA.............

then stay off the UG.

That's why we're here.


yup. this is not the Crusades.
we don't need to be converted to "the boxing cause".


are you that opposed to diffeng views?

I'm opposed to your ignorance.

not differing views.
uneducated ones.

basing MMA on TUF fight = uneducated.

also if your a fan of any other sport other than MMA, please either never mention it OR....stay off the UG. Thanks.


I'm absolutely opposed to being mean to babies. I'm against some crime. I break the rules now and then. I'm also opposed to shorts with long socks and fat women in cutoff shirts.


I to draw the line at fat women in cutoff shirts. It's just not acceptable in todays day and age.


Are you Jamaican and run a 'psychic friends' network?

Can we call you "Ms Cleo"?

r.i.p. heavy metal

"Heavy metal is a joke"

Yeah, now it is.