If you had a daughter who wanted

to fight MMA, would you let her. I was just looking at some of these women fighters and unfortunately the first thing that comes to mind is, man if that was my daughter I don't think I could let her. I guess I wouldn't have any choice if she was 18 or older. Forgive my double standard. You guys?

I would if she would want to.

I wish I had gotten into training earlier on. Now with school and work I have no time to train at all and improve on what I was learning when I actually had time to train. I'd say let her do it. Do you really want to think or hear 10 years down the road "What could have happened if..."

I think it depends on several things..

First and foremost, I would want to explain to her the sacrifice involved
with training (all aspects), and if she is willing to make such a
comittment, I would allow it.

Second and the most important is the preparation (training) being
quality, as I would only want the best training for her.

Third is explaining to her the possibility/probability of injury being
part "of the game".

Last and not least, letting her know, that this type of interest must
come from a passion, because, it is not the type of sport. at this stage,
that one could make a living.

If she understands fully what I have explained above and still is
interested, I would support her fully.

just my 2 cents


good post powerhockey


I would encourage it.

nope, maybe cheerleading.

Absolutely I would.

I don't want either my son or my daughter competing in any combat sport where they're getting hit in the head. I want them to grow up able to defend themselves but I don't want them getting their brains beat in on a regular basis.

Absolutely. I'd insist she at least try it, but if she didn't like it I wouldn't make her continue. I'm gonna make all my babies try it!

I dont think I would have a problem with it.

I would regulate her training to encompas all aspects of striking and submission. Also compete in various aspects of full contact. Structure her training and direct her competitions to maker her as prepaired as possible. She's gonna do what she wants regardless. Might as well show an interest and make sure she does it RIGHT!

"Of course. What kind of father would stand in the way of his daughter's dream?"

One who doesn't want her punchdrunk.

I would let her fight Fedor, then she would go back to not wanting to fight MMA.

powerhockey17, I agree with your post. I don't think my daughter, if I had one, would stand up and say "I want to fight mma!" She'd probably get into something else first (i.e. TKD, Judo, BJJ) and then go from there...plus I could train her. But it's touchy and you probably wouldn't really know until you had that experience. You worry a lot. My parents tell me all the time. I said, "Hey mom, I'm going to Japan to fight dec 19th" and she was like "F*CK I don't have my passport!" and I said "uh what? you'd go to Japan just like that?" and she said "uh well ... :( what if you get hurt?" and stuff. I feel bad for both my parents, LOL.


You are actually the fighter that made me think about how I would feel if my daughter decided to fight. You seem to be very devoted and have had some good experiences with the fight game so far. I just can't help being the over protective dad type. If I was ringside and I see my daughter getting hit, I'd probably be the guy throwing in the towel. But seriously I guess if it is something that a woman wants to do, she should probably do it or regret not having done it later. As long as you aren't fighting Fedor in the near future. Not that I'm not sure you could take him!

I said "son or daughter". And I can't believe you'd equate me to the Taliban if I didn't allow my daughter to fight.

I'd encourage judo or bjj first (preferably bjj). Then once they get good at that, they can decide if they want to get into striking. But I would discourage the striking, and try to tell them to stay with bjj.