If you had any say in the UFC...

What would you do differently? Not so much cutting fighters or anything like that, but what would you change?

I would do a few things...

1) make the base pay for debuting fighters slightly higher. $2,000 to $5,000 for a debuting fighter is a little low. You figure if a fighter spends 8 weeks getting ready, and you paid him $5,000, carried out over a year, that fighter makes $30,000 a year. Which isn't bad, but when you are paying other fighters to train you, or train w/ you, that really cuts into that. So, if the base pay for a debuting fighter was $10,000, guaranteed, these guys could a) afford quality training and b) make an earnest living working for a profitable company.

2) encourage fighters to work on their weaknesses, through incentive programs. for example, chris lytle is a solid fighter, but has shown to be vulnerable to takedowns and fighting off his back. what if at a point when chris didn't have a fight, the ufc said, "look, we'll give you 'X' amount of money to go spend 3 weeks w/ Extreme Couture (or another camp that uses wrestling as a staple) to train." if you demonstrate good work ethic at most companies, but have something that you struggle with, a lot of companies will work with you to improve that area of your personality and help you. why not run the ufc like that? its like a baseball manager getting a player extra instruction w/ a batting coach, or a team calling in a speed/ agility trainer for some players. at the end of the day, this would only further the UFC's ability to say they have the best athletes/ fighters in the world.

what would you do?

let me be the first to say it: RAAAAMMMP!

Abolish the pro wrestling model and treat MMA as a sport.

the biggest changes I want to see are in the rule set not with the org...although I think more fight to get a contract renewal bouts would be entertaining on undercards.

UFC fight nights should be 8 fairly unknown guys fighting in a tournament, each fight being only one five minute round. Then there should be two B level fighters fighting three five minute rounds as the main event.