if you had one year to train.........

if you had the money and time to go evrywhere you want to train where would you go?

Myself I would train
- 3 months with ATT
- 3 months with Tiger Muy Thai in Thailand
- 3 months in Hawai with BJ penn
- 1 month with Eddie Bravo,
- 1 month with some multiple japanese club in Tokyo
- 1 month with some multiple brasilian Rio de janeiro club

and you?

i would also love to train with guy like Saulo ribeiro or Marcelo Garcia....

I may add them to my schedule

Marcelo, Robson Moura, Roy Harris...

I would split the time between the three...

 1 year with steak and chicken

4 months Bj Penn

4 months Marcelo Garcia

4 months Rickson

ATT just cus they seem to be good at taking fighters with submission backgorunds and developing them into great mma fighters.

4 months with Dan Gable

4 months with Marcelo Garcia

2 months with Shawn Tompkins

2 months with Greg Jackson

6 mo with bj, 6 mo with tito

3 months ATT
3 months Extreme Couture
3 months with shamrock
3 months with greg jackson

some good idea here...to really enjoy the training you would need 2 years off

6 months with Fedor, 6 months with Sakuraba

12 months @ the Cathouse

I would probably just shadow GSP the entire time. He trains with Greg Jackson, a world champion boxer, Phil Nurse etc...

3 days Gracieacademy
3 days Miletich
1 day off

for a year

Travis Bickle

6 months with Tank
6 months with Kalib Starnes


6 months with Rickson
6 months at X/couture vegas.

id take my thai coach with me to ATT and bring BJ penn in for 6 months, along with Kenny Florian

2 months with Fedor.

2 months with Eddie Bravo.

1 month with Greg Jackson.

1 month with Randy.

2 months with Anderson Silva.

2 months with Marcelo Garcia.

1 month with Chute Box.

1 month with ATT.

 I would train 12 months straight with Eddie Bravo and Fairtex. I would do 1 session in the am with Faitex and then 1 session at night with Bravo.

Also I would throw in nutrition and conditioning coaches.

why Gable, conditioning?