If you had to pick 4 foods to eat

My Dad told me at thanksgiving that you could live on yams alone. Not sure how healthy that would be, but it gave me a question. If you could only eat four foods on some island, what would you want them to be?

I know i'd want one of them to be chicken. Seems the more protein i eat the less hungry i am.

I have a book called "Superfoods", lists the 14 superfoods, but each has at least 3 or 4 "sidekicks" in case you're not real fond of those foods. So it adds up to close to 100 foods, but you should eat most of these superfood groups daily.

The 3 he lists as most important: spinach, blueberries, and salmon. Salmon does not have to be eaten daily, the other 2 should. "sidekicks" for spinach include romaine, kale, most greens and bell peppers, and for blueberries any berries are fine(acai?). but anyway, according to this dude, you'd want to stick with spinach, berries, and some kind of fish similar to salmon as foods to eat.

btw, pumkin is one of this superfoods, and yams are one of the sidekicks.

I think milk and bananas would let you live the longest on one food and drink alone.

Superfoods: is that a new cartoon?


maybe you're thinking of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, doc.

Brown rice, white meat chicken, olive oil, and leafy green lettuce.


This is what i would go with off the top of my head... Tough question

I said one of the four foods i'd bring would be chicken because of the protein. I think another i'd bring is boccoli. I heard it has a real good usable source of calcium and it's a green vegetable. I'd eat it raw to keep the enzymes good.

Whole wheat bread..........milk.........apples....

Assuming water is granted- beer, steak, apples and sourdough bread. If I'm stuck on an island, I may as well enjoy it.

brown rice




lol jonwell. I'm inclined to agreee though

peanut butter, timbits, kraftdinner and taquitos

i hear too much peanut butter can give yu diverticulosis.

I know alot of food and I like blueberries, salmon, milk, bananas, and broccoli with any whole wheat or grains added to the diet. I make home made soups very often, when possible, I try to add spinach to all my soups.

Fish, Steak, Beer, Key Lime Pie!~

salmon,watermelon,rice and yogart.

pasta, beef, wheat bread, salmon

jasmine rice


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