If you lack motivation maybe this

Will help.



Who are you? I know you are just kidding about tank abbott, right?

I spit on strippers....


ok so I sat thru that for the music but I lost motivation right at the end when they started hugging and romping in the water together.

beach sprints are for faygs

Well three quarters motivation is better than none I guess.


fcuk yeah!!


That's really creepy!

that was probably one of the weirdest things I've witnessed...

wow! rocky apollo, subtly gay. bert ernie, creepy child molester gay

Lol Appollo and Rocky were not GHEY!

After watching them work out and then seeing Apollo teach Rocky about the birds and the bees I know that Clubber Lane is dead or he is going to be really sticky.

TTT for the man love that exists between Rocky and Apollo, may it live on for eternity