If you live in these eight states, you might be able to conceal carry soon no matter what - who will?

NYSPRA vs Bruen - bombshell SCOTUS case on 2A - If you live in the following eight states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York) there is a strong possibility by the end of this month, SCOTUS will release their decision which is being predicted that they will rid of “may issue” to “shall” issue. This also applies to places like Chicago and other extremely liberal cities that have high gun crime but restrictive carry laws for regular people.

Who here will immediately apply if SCOTUS makes the right decision? I am also curious how much heat this will get or if the Roe v. Wade fiasco might end up burying the importance and reluctance of this case.


How can people live in 8 states at the same time? That law is a trick!


There’s a big difference between “shall issue” and “no matter what”


Dem governments in those states will find some way to disallow it, constitutionality of laws be damned.


there are plenty of shall issue counties in ca. just not the big cities.

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Nope. Shall issue means you are approved unless you are ineligible in said state because of certain convictions, or are on trial etc. Shall issue is just that, they shall issue that shit unless you have convictions that keep you from being able to have one.


They arent going to have a choice it sounds like if they are forced to be shall issue like everyone else.

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If passed, wouldn’t this essentially be nation wide reciprocity? Because if I understand correctly, the federal requirements for bearing arms would be the same


Shall issue?
You still need to ask permission.

Im in the free nation of Texas now, and I ask no one!

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It sure would be convenient if reciprocity was adjacently impacted as well.

Yeah but there are some protections you are still afforded via having the license.

I conceal carry now in NY state. I assume you’re saying that they won’t be able to deny CC in that liberal shithole known as NYC ?


I conceal carry whether it’s legal or not. If you need a gun you need a gun. People doing serious crimes against you aren’t gonna check your permit. You need to be on equal grounds sometimes, or even have an upper hand sometimes. I’ve been that way for 40 years and haven’t had any problems yet. Could I get in serious trouble? Hell yes. I could get in serious trouble for punching somebody too.


you ever try to get a permit?

Every time I think we might “need” stricter gun laws – I think of all the fucking retards, doped up wannabes, and low life street thugs, that carry guns all the time.

It is that reality that makes me continually thankful for the 2A.


Ohio’s constitutional carry law just went into effect today.


Here are the requirements to carry a gun in my state:

  1. Carry your gun

  2. There is no #2, you did it.


Not really as states will still have control of reciprocity overall unless they include something about that in the decision, which they wont as the case had nothing to do with that.

My state for instance only grants reciprocity to states that grant it back, and most states dont as we dont have to take a class or anything.

Question is:
Would you rather be in serious trouble, or dead?

I know a guy – nice guy – who has argued for years that if anyone ever attacks him, he’ll press charges and “sue their ass off”.


My response:
What if he doesn’t stop hitting you.

You have to be alive to press charges.

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Yup. Basically every state will now be shall issue if this goes our way, which it seems like it well. Then we are off to the races with Duncan V Bonta and some others hopefully as they are holding off on that until this decision is made.