If you live in these eight states, you might be able to conceal carry soon no matter what - who will?

I am truly sorry

Is that for all guns? Rifles too?

I assumed rifles i could to and from and assume the obvious, unloaded, locked and does ammo have to be locked separately and in different part of the vehicle? Do magazines need to be empty too?

If pulled over let them know immediately and i assume yelling “I GOT A GUN” as soon as they exit their car is NOT the way

That’s the funny thing about Westchester county; permits are not needed for rifles. Furthermore, I could walk into any gun shop right now, purchase a long gun and 1000 rounds of ammo and be out of there in less than 20 minutes.

With a pistol you have to buy the pistol first and it stays at the gun shop for the next 4-6 months until the addendum to your pistol license gets cleared and sent to you with the new pistol listed on the back of the permit.

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Not sure, but it’s very well known that pretty much law enforcement and those required to carry large amounts of cash for work are the only ones with any chance. State police refuse everyone else. It’s infuriating

It’s a way to pretend you’re following the 2A without actually doing it. POS politicians.

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Gun restrictions are strictly an optic so that people aren’t deathly afraid to live in those cities. If it goes away, most of those cities collapse due to people leaving.

Monroe County here, WNY, Sherriff hands out Conceal Carry like candy as long as you pass background check. Downstate NY sucks ass.

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I live in a different county in New York and was able to get a ccw - after over a year of jumping through paper work hoops. My mrs. Also got hers, also after a huge wait. But every time I buy a new pistol, it stays at the store, we both have to go to the pistol clerk to get our license updated, then mailed back to us. Anywhere from 4-12 weeks

And the worst part is no just using the old ‘I’ve had this for years’ trick because her license has to get updated every time too

Shot first ask questions later.

I bet you have some much awesome tacticool gear.

You think people stay and live in Chicago because of the Antigun laws?

No decision today. Next potential for a decision is likely Tuesday, 22 June 2022 (due to Juneteenth holiday)

No decision today. 13 opinions left to release. Next day is Thursday, 23 June 2022.


Thanks for the updates!

Someone is a bit triggered

There are assholes here that sue people for everything. I really wouldn’t mind them meeting an angry bum and get beaten to a pulp

I have one and do not transport large sums of cash nor am I an officer. It was a pain in the ass and took about 8 months to get cleared. Most people are denied simply because they fail to provide enough proof of actually needing to carry. It makes it seem like people are flat out denied but if you look into their application it becomes a bit more obvious. I dont agree with it but hopefully scotus overturns the decision and makes it a whole lot easier for others who apply.

I’ll ride shotgun

Didn’t read fuck all in this thread.

If you outsource your family’s security to the government you are a cuck.

If you wait for the government to grant you permission to defend yourself you are a cuck.

People need to understand able to carry vs allowed to carry.