If You Need a Decent Suit, Here's a Mega-Sale

they're so cheap, you should probably just buy one of each on principle and have a work weeks'-worth



I'll need Bobby Lupo, resident OG style expert, to sign off on this before I pull the trigger. Phone Post 3.0

if you can fit into an off the rack suit.

52/36 does not exist.

. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone have any experience with these?

I'll be doing some international travel this year, so I'd rather beat up a few new suits than some older expensive ones.

42 slim off the rack is pretty close for me.

Hell at that price even if the jacket fits bu thte pants don't it would be worth it...

100% polyester though. Sorry to be a suit snob but that's not something I'll buy unless I had some short term immediate need.

Discount suits tend to look like discount suits unfortunately. :(