If you need a pair of UFC tickets-

buy them from me!
I bought 4 tickets but 2 of the bums who said they would go backed out right after I made the purchase.
They are the $100 tickets. Selling at face value.

Oh, that was a bit of pertinent info eh.

Franklin vs. Silva in Cinci October 20th.


I can use them! Let me know if they are still available


Hey...I am reffing that show but will buy them for some friends......Let me know

brianrogers2006@aol.com gimmie a shout

Matheny, you know anyone selling a floor seat?

Row 204 Section L

These are way far out btw. This is the "yeah, I'm still watching it on the big TV but at least I'm there" section.

$230 for the pair. That's what I paid. I believe it was $105 ea. + ticketmaster fees.

I'm waiting to hear back from voice13 now.

Lawdog, no but 1 should be easy & cheap a little later.

mark, ill give you a few bucks for your pass after the event is over? whadya say????


No buyers yet. I should also mention I opted for "eTickets" so the buyer would have to trust me not to rip em off... I didn't buy with the intention to resell.



I've got one ticket left. Anyone in the Cinci area need a free pass? I'm going to offer it to friends but if I get no takers it'll go to any UG'er that wants it.
(The seats still suck btw)

if you don't get any takers, drop me a line at imthevltwn(at)aol.com


Aren't those the tickets that just got stolen in the $12,000 theft of tickets?


i want them 300 bucks email me jon4man@gmail.com

jon, i just have one ticket left now. 300 is too much for these seats anyways... check out ebay for pairs of tickets at decent prices...

I have 2 tickets.

section 104
row L, seats 7 % 8

$200 tickets... I purchased for $450 total with fees and tax.

Selling for $500


Right now they are available.