If You Owned ESPN

Would you show reruns of Butterbean losing to Sudo?


If I owned ESPN I would have already leveraged the entertainment value of MMA and become maaad with the power it brought me. Mwwaaa Mwaaaahaaahaaa...

zoner has hijacked my dream!!! :)

"They'll show San Shou(which is somewhere between kickboxing and mma) over and over and over"

exaggerate much?

Instead of bitching about the fact that they show "kickboxing" twice a month, maybe try being upset that pool, outdoor games, strongest man, & other fringe sports get more coverage than combat sports.

...I'd trade it for the Comedy Channel.

lol @ "No, but I would show a lot of PORN!"

"Two chick at the same time."

mORE fights and more....

ive seen mma on espn. single fights. 1 serra, 1 brian johnston. if i owned it i'd put on what makes me the most money. even if its golf

"It's NOT kickboxing. It's not mma. It's somewhere in between."

as a san shou guy, I know what it is and I also know what ESPN considers it..

I would show MMA from around the world, just about all day.

Plus, I would give a good dose of Boxing, Kickboxing, amateur Wrestling, Judo, Sport BJJ, and WSM.

San Shaou and K-1 are on ESPN because ESPN is the PPV provider for K-1 in the USA and they have Kunbg Lee ont he K-1 USA events. That's why they show K-1 all the time now. They want to try and build the PPV market.

ESPN is owned by Disney which emans they aren't going to touch anything like MMA. MMA has a bad image, unfare but life isn't fair. It's seen as human cockfighitng to the genreal public. If ESPN puts MMA on they will have a host of morons who don't know shit about fighting or safety protesting htem right and left.