If you receive an email from me...

I don't like creating threads like this.  But, I really have no choice in this matter.  Somone (I wonder who) is sending emails around to the members of the UG pretending to be me.  They say something about how much I hate BSF.  When I get my hands on one of the emails I'll post it in this thread.

I would never send out stuff like that.  My only purpose here is to discuss MMA.  Silly childish games do not interest me.

If you do not know me and you've received an email from me, it's likely fake. 

Regards, Marco

Someone is also sending out e-mails under my name claiming to have a product that will enlarge your penis by 75%....maybe I do, maybe I don't.....


canario.. I got that one too, the product works great!