If you say "b-b-but", just know that you are wrong

It doesn't matter which side of the argument, or which argument, if you make a "b-b-but" post, you're wrong.

If two consecutive guys make the "b-b-but" posts on opposite sides of the same issue, they're both wong.

Saying "b-b-but" is like saying "get over it". If you find yourself reduced to that, it's because you're not smart enough to make a REAL argument. It means that you can't win based on the merits of your thoughts, and so you're constructing a straw man to defeat.

It's pathetic, and childish, and beneath this fine forum.

B-b-but! Phone Post

for the day walkers

B-b-but wfa Phone Post

Posters that stutter ??

I like big b-b-buts and I cannot lie.

<blockquote>DJ CRUSH - I like big b-b-buts and I cannot lie.</blockquote><br />

you other b-b-brothers cant deny