If you think Kondo and Silva were

robbed then you are a hypocrite!

Mark Hunt was to Silva what Kondo was to Henderson, yet Pride's judges fail to see the flaw in their decision.

I know a lot of fans aren't happy about the judges' decision in both fights but surely one must be correct, considering the above.

How? Hendo fought like Silva and Hunt fought like Kondo, it makes no sense!

If you read Hendo's lips inbetween rounds you would have seen him say to his corner how he "cannottake him down" about Kondo. Hendo was STRUGGLIN the whole time and looked exhausted.

Tho he did spend a good ammount of time on top.

even though I thought Kondo won, I am kind of glad Hendo won because of how sick he was. Shows the mark of a champ.

Kondo will be back, so no worries.

apparently hendo was very sick right up until the fight, 104 fever and tossing his cookies.

not sure if this is true but it has been posted a number of times.


IMO - Hunt won - close.

Kondo won by more than enough.

I'm a major Silva fan, somewhat a fan of Hendo, always felt Kondo was gutsy but over rated, not a big fan of Hunt's.

Did Silva raising his hands at the end of the fight actually convince some of you guys he won? Cause that's the only thing he did in that match that made him look like the winner. He took Hunt down a few times, and maybe landed a punch or two. Hunt hurt him.

Sure Hunt hurt him, but Hunt was bigger, got a Yellow card and couldn't finish Silva. Silva then answered with multiple takedowns which Hunt did not defend. Silva did not lose that fight and Hunt sure as hell didn't win it.

The Hendo Kondo fight was at least back and forth and was closer to a draw with the only nod going to Kondo. The Hunt Silva fight was a fucking joke.

Hunt Offense: Nice uppercut cross combo sending Silva down. Failed Stomp. Atomic butt drop. good punch knee combo.

Silva Offense: Taking Hunt down at will probably what like 6 times?. Trading with Hunt and getting in some good wild shots standing but nothing that devastates Hunt. Completely neutralized ANY of Hunts ground and pound while having an active guard and going for before the fight was over two armbars and a triangle. Going for multiple stomps and soccer kicks in the first round, some of the stomps partially landing to the body. Ground control from mount for large periods of time.

Throw that in with a big weight advantage and a yellow card and I just dont fucking get it. Saying Hunt tried to end the fight more is just Bullshit, where all the stomps and subs Silva was going for just to look flashy? Ah well, fuck Pride.

Keoni, I'm with ya man. I think they had it out for Silva's winning streak.