If you think your girls cheating , how / did you catch?


It also works the other way. Say, you accuse a woman or she finds out you have been snooping to find out if she is faithful and it turns out she loves you and is faithful…

Yeah, relationship over. :joy:

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Hard to say. I had a girl that wasn’t cheating on me when we were in high school but my friends were lined up as soon as we broke up. She definitely didn’t have more than a couple days between new boyfriends those days.

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Listen to your gut. It never lies to you. Like Branko said in the second post, if you think she’s cheating, she’s cheating. If you are just dating, thank her for letting you she’s a whore and then leave. If you are married, find a side piece to fuck and then tell your wife all about it.



If she’s acting like she’s getting laid and you’re not the one banging her.

She starts working out or really going after it for no obvious reason.

She spends more time away from you unsupervised while this is going on.

She all of a sudden won’t let you near her phone or starts locking it around you.

Even if you “catch her” she’s almost certainly going to deny it and blame you.


The point is that if you stop trusting her, you should dump her ass or demote her long term prospects.

If you’re not the jealous paranoid guy, then you REALLY should trust your instincts.

People pay PI’s through the nose for “proof” that changes absolutely nothing in the big picture.


New clothes, particularly new lingerie. If she’s not wearing it for you, she’s wearing it for someone else.

@DaveFu brother you speak like a seasoned vet of being cheated on

No, I was a PI.

That and I tried doing the LDR thing too many times.

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I never liked the just trust your gut and dump them. If i have 2 years with a girl, I hate to just say bye on instinct. so much time wasted. I like to be sure.

My last girl I dumped though, because of OG advise to trust my gut. The thing is, she is gone now, and I still have no idea if she cheated or not. You start to second guess everything. At this moment right now I could have chucked a girl I loved for no other reason then a hunch I could have been wrong about. lol

Who knows, it’s done.

Yikes. This stuff is brutal. I’ve never cheated, and I don’t think I’ve ever been cheated on.

But I never really commit to anyone because I worry having a serious relationship will cut into my father and son time, and hunting and fishing time.

Edit: I should include that it is easier for me to be this way because I am friends with a girl who will have sex with me whenever. But she never asks me to date because I want more kids and she don’t. Chubby Mexican gal.

More to OP’s point of the thread. I did catch a girl cheating once. We shared locations. Not for nefarious reasons. She worked an hour away. I’d always ask her “How far out are you?” Or she’d ask me what state or county I was in for my work. Then one day she just said, here, let’s turn our locations on. I never once used it to check in on her out of any suspicion.

One day she was supposed to be at my house at 9 pm. She was late. I texted and she didnt’ text back for like 15 mins. odd for her. I texted again, " Babe, you good?" No reply. About 9:30 I called her phone, no answer. Really odd now, she is usually right on top of it. I honestly never even had cheating in my brain, I thought she wrecked or some shit.

I text and another call and no answer. Oh, the location! I checked and she was the opposite way of my house, in cleveland! WEIRD. I called again now, worried, but her sister lives in cleveland. Maybe she is there? Why htough? It’s 10 pm now, no answer still.

So I’m talking to my buddy and he says, just drive to her location. I debated for a while and instead of wondering, fuck it, i drove there. found her car and knocked on the door to some small ass house. As I knocked on the door, I saw through the door window, her laying on the couch, snuggling with some dude. lololol

He opens the door, and there she is. he said can I help you? I said yea man, that bitch right there is my girl friend. He was scared I’d smash him, but I said I’m not here for you dude. He closes the door, and then opens it to throw her out. She walks right past me and to her car. She never said a word.

The was the last moment I ever spoke to her. Women are fucking nuts. Whores by in large.


Right on. I feel like being a PI probably establishes some trust issues in itself, no?

Men can get pregnant now so it makes sense


Secret email and burner phone. Secret bank accounts. Check reciepts from the grocery store for cash recieved. Good way to get cash and stash it. A lot of hotels don’t accept cash and want a card which is the reason for the secret bank account.

Look at the paystubs to see if there is a payroll allotment that you don’t recognize. Look at the paystubs to see if there was any time and leave used for the pay period but you aren’t aware of them calling off or leaving early.

Are you getting a lot of junkmail for credit cards? Could be that someone has a pre-paid card.

Check hotels that would be on the typical route to and from work. This is because if you get a traffic ticket or are involved in a collision, you need to explain why you were there. If it is along the route to and from work, it’s easily explained.

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If your vehicle has a map drawer inder the passenger’s seat. Check there for the burner phone, cards etc. Also check where spare tire jack is located.

Burner phones are cheap now. A lot of Walmart are open 24 hours so someone can stop before/after work to buy a prepaid card to load the phone.

There is an IM app called KIK. You can download it from Google Play store for free. You create a username and communicate using the app without giving the person your phone number. Popular with people on dating sites/kink sites or cheaters or really for anyone that wants to text with someone without revealing their phone number. Thusly no phone numbers on the phone bill.

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Checked her GPS and it said she’d been to Poundtown.