If you wanna know more go to BJPenn.com???

What did BJ say about the fight? Or whatever? I didn't go to his website, was a bit to gone at the time.

i hate that shit. i didn't buy the PPV for him plug his website and run off. just talk bout the damn fight

the first time he did it was the worst, because the site couldn't handle the sudden traffic spike and crashed. people went to the address and got a 404 screen.

ohferfuxsakes - Well if you bought the PPV to listen to his victory speech, you're watching MMA for the wrong reasons.

post-fight is part of the PPV. why do you think they put Joe in the octagon with a mic or get Dana to strap the belt on camera. if it didn't matter they they wouldn't include it

Who gives a fuck really...

obviously a lot of people give a fuck because look at the discussion over Forrest leaving the octagon or Brock's post-fight behavior

frederic - There's a 30 second video of him drink a celebratory beer at his after party, and a second 30 second one of him dancing with his mom.


For some reason I like when he does that... it's old school, trademark BJ.

Haole -  BJ has a social networking site with 100K registered members and simply unmatched daily video blogging content that no other professional athlete in the world has ever come close to.

all other pro athletes on earth could learn a thing or two about being fan friendly +  web revenue savy from BJ

i call bs on the 100k

^^^ I'm one of them...

Im registered on BJPenn.com
it was one of the first mma sites I visited, they have/had some awesome tutorials on stand up/grappling.

its like the myspace+youtube of MMA