If you want to throw leg kicks like Aldo, check it

Guys... I'm not about shameless plugs, but this is the best vid on the market on how to throw leg kicks and the best set ups for the leg kicks. Some of the very same set ups Aldo used last night. Leg kicks (good ones) can end fights either directly (i.e. our student Matt Makowski TKO'ing Nick Serra by leg kick) or indirectly (indirectly i.e. Aldo vs Faber)

So check this out http://www.muaythaitips.com/4_DZMN.html

And, if you don't want the video, we show some of the best leg kicks in our e mail list, so you can sign up on the home page if you have no loot;)
thnx guys


evilmaster you da man. thank you


TTT for Crippling Leg Kicks