If you were an out of shape slob

There are lots of people on here who keep their focus in order to stay in shape. This is a CHOICE, and requires a lot of discipline and will-power to maintain. If you're lucky, you consider training FUN!!

But what if you INSTEAD made a choice to become...an out of shape slob? What would your habits be? What would you eat and drink?

Here's a short laundry list of "would be" bad habits for me, attached with what I do now:

  • I'd skip breakfast altogether. Probably start the day with a soda. (this is my toughest meal, but I usually eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast w/ some coffee).

  • Pizza every night. (Usually protein with carbs)

  • ICE CREAM every night. (I actually skip dessert at dinner time).

  • I'd live off of starbucks doubleshot espresso in a can. (Water, water, water, water)

  • All my money on supplements would go to video games. (supplements and books)

  • I'd eat juicy fruit gum all the time (a mint here and there)

  • Instead of training, I'd be on myspace all the time (I've never seen a myspace page, I'm so busy with work, training, and teaching)

Lots of good beer, lots of restaurant meals or frozen meals.


The pathetic thing about your post 4Ranges is that a ton of Americans eat and behave exactly like this to one degree or another.

Pabst Blue Ribbon and ice cream every day

I'd drink a lot of beer, and cook/eat a lot of good food.

Come to think of it, that's exactly what I do now.

Jon beat me to it. 4 Ranges' list is sadly a lot like my real life.


4 ranges list is my life, minus the pizza every night (i have it often) and ice cream every night (sometimes)

myspace is my lif

The French don't specifically choose to live as slobs, but they DO eat for pleasure not for health. They don't understand our idea of food as almost a kind of medicine. They don't deny themselves a great meal. And on average they are much healthier than we are. So there is a middle ground you can go for.

I'm a mess for about 4 days after a fight.

Sorry doug.... =(


Well..I have violated three of your rules, lol

I'm a vid game fanatic

I could own stock in Starbucks

I eat ice cream 3x a week.

However, If I did decide to take the slob road, God forbid, I would:

Eat fast food everyday for lunch

Drink beer as if there were no tommorrow

Buy a lot of TV dinners because I too lazy too cook

The people at Dominos would already know what I want..3 pizzas, 5 toppings

Drink soda all day

Skip breakfast

Bitch and moan about how my life sucks and can't get laid.

Play "Eat it" on the stereo.

Frankly, I would rather fucking die than live like that

I'd sit on the couch, holler at my kids, kick the dog and ignore the wife. Wake up one day and find them all gone, and go WTF???

I would live off of mainly deep dish pizza, chocolate (anything; candy bars, ice cream, shakes, etc with an emphasis on dark choc.), and cheesecake.

Come to think of it, that's not a bad diet!!

pizza=breads, veggies, and meats



I'm writing a book!!

Chad, If you saw kenny post-fight you wouldnt feel so bad ;) You deserve it after all that.


PS. Kenny checked out your fight and says "congrats."

I'm with Jonwell.

I'd just continue on the path I'm on.

Irratic sleeep schedule, not eating for hours then eating every 30 or 45 minutes, lots of Fat Tire and Grey Goose, a severe love for pizza and bacon cheeseburgers and instead of training 1 to 4 times a week I'd quit working out totally.

I suck.

I gotta start eating breakfast.

what would happen if i decided to stop caring? i love mcdonalds. if it wasnt so pricey i'd go there everyday. I'd get jumbo packs of mousse au chocolat and black chocolate with orange flavor. Also I'd make crêpes with loads of maple syrup and those muffins, omg the muffins and THE BROWNIES!!! jeez that made me hungry.

"I'd drink a lot of beer -Jonwell"

LOL.. Like you don't

Rolled tacos an cali burritos


Beers, inparticularly Whitedevil(tm)

Shock tarts



Lots of caramellos and assorted ice creams

Many fries and burgers

Shock tarts

Big huge cold pepsi's

uh,tacos and shock tarts.

Pizza's nice, but if I could really just not give a fuck, I'd eat a lot more steaks and barbecue.

man, Kenflo checked out my fight, I feel honoured.... I'm trying like hell to get the one from May, that was much better =D


""I'd drink a lot of beer -Jonwell"

LOL.. Like you don't "

Like I said, it's exactly what I do now :P But I also work out, so living the complete life imo ;)