If you were the absolute ruler of earth, what laws would you enact?

Hang every career politician in public, myself included. Just before giving full power back to the people. Everywhere.


It would be mad max for a few months, new boundaries drawn, and a dictators would pop up every where.

Stop all immigration into the USA, no assylum, no green cards, no workers permits, none. Revoke birth right citizen ship. If you are born here and your parents are not both citizens you are NOT a citizen

If you are found in the USA overstaying your visa or in here illegally , death penalty no exceptions .

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As long as if I can choose which style. I don’t want any of you homos wrestling with me.

  1. Prostitution is legal
  2. If you get divorced the supporter does not owe half of their income
  3. If you commit certain crimes it’s death penalty, rape, murder etc
  4. Health Care would be dramatically reduced in cost or free if I could figure out a way to make it work
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On a lower level, if i was governor of a state, the first thing on my agenda would be passing a bill requiring every licensed driver to take Annual Continuing Education online.

That annual course would focus on

The sanctity of the Left Passing lane

NO Cell phone use while driving

Driving etiquette, especially the “Zipper Merge” and how to change the avg driver’s mwntality about not getting upset id someone gets in front of them at merge.

Review basics like 4 way Stop sign intersections, Yield signs

Remind people to not Lag when the light or turn arrow turns Green

It would be a set of scenarios and multiole choice questions

  1. Bill of Rights written to where 2a is clearer and that none of them can be changed in any capacity.
  2. The US Constitution applied to all countries, with their own leaders as they vote in.
  3. The Current crop of congress, with a couple exceptions, all to be tarred and feathered.
  4. Police officers must be trained in Judo, Wrestling and BJJ(or just MMA) and have weight limits.
  5. Motorcycle cops all to be fired and the positions erased.
  6. Pedo rings found around the world to be swiftly eradicated.
  7. Eradication of the Federal Reserve.
  8. George Soros and his family to be exiled while stripped of all their wealth(distribute to the places he’s ruined and inner city schools etc…)
  9. Assange, Snowden and Manning all pardoned then welcomed home.

I’m not sure what else I’d do tbh… but I think that’d be a good start.

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Dang you’d be good bro.


Heavily guarded borders for the US and any real non leech country.
AIDS means you need to be sterilized
Any violent crime without a goddamn SOLID reason means execution. Once rape is proven, same thing. False rape accusations also execution.
Break into a house and get shot, your problem. No penalty for the homeowner whatsoever.


mad max movie poster GIF

For every dictator one of these may show up. Then things get really cool.

Great Iron Man joke.

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So much to take care of but I would firstly take extreme measures to protect the environment. Prevent overfishing, destruction of forests, pollution. Any boats fishing illegally get blown out of the water and anyone violating environmental and animal protection gets taken out.

I would start by personally executing every wildlife smuggler and poacher. Still pissed after reading the cheetah Cubs story in the latest national geo.


Free ice creams.


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War on Communism.


The 3 seashells…


I would legalize murdering left lane campers and bicyclists who ride in the traffic lanes.

  1. Legalize the 12 to 6 elbow
  2. Ban alpha brain
  3. Take away your guns
  4. Legalize gambling
  5. Sharia law

I’d probably just get rid of a bunch of laws. Fuck making more.