If your Beloved Instructor was BANGING YOUR WIFE

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I was at a TMA school once where the husband showed up with a baseball bat after he found out the instructor had screwed his wife.

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In 1995, a friend of mine was learning Kenpo Karate while I was learning boxing at local gym and told me that he was going to be part of a demonstration at a local event. My friend and I often talked about which was better. At the time I thought karate was this mysterious art that killed people. I had seen "Bloodsport" for God's sake and Van Damme was a killer! Although I was scared because I didn't understand the art I still offered my friend to spar in a ring if he wanted but was always told that the techniques were too deadly. I readily accepted this fact and was glad that my friend didn't call my bluff and maim or possibly kill me.

Seeing the demostration, with the cool karate gis, the kicks, breaking boards, and forms/kata, I thought this was pretty bad ass. My friend told me that if I signed up with his school, the instructor would give me a free gi because my friend was referring me. What more could I want? There was only one problem. My girlfriend at the time did not want me to join. Why? Something about the instructor was "off" and she felt that the coach at my boxing gym was a better influence. As it turns out years later, that karate instructor would be charged and convicted of sexual charges against his male students, so her instincts were correct. My friend was one of those students and for a long time had trouble with his life as a result. (The convicted instructor's name was Joe Foster)

However, that spring, a kenpo karate school opened around the corner from my house and the hours it was open were exactly opposite of the boxing gym's hours!  I joined up and started classes right away. I was having a great time. The stories I heard from the instructor were incredible. He was my age but had been to China and trained, when he heard I was doing boxing he said he knew Lennox Lewis and they had played basketball together when Lennox had lived in Canada. Oh the stories went on and on and I believed them all. He was the instructor after all and he had belts in karate, kung fu, and arnis.

When I started the school was affiliated with an international kenpo organization. Soon after though the school joined a new international organization. Why? Rumour had it that another local school was also part of the organization and when the owner of the other school had shown up one night they had had a karate battle and as a result our instructor was allowed to leave and join the new one because he would not recognize the other instructor as his master.

HOLY %$#@!!!!!! Can you imagine that? I could! I wanted to know more because to me, this totally legitimized the idea that secret kumite existed and that my instructor was a real life Frank Dux! (I would later find out this was not exactly how it all went down)

So I continued to train, thinking that my boxing was a sport and that my karate was learning how to become a killing machine. The school was fun and a real family atmosphere. My girlfriend and I were befriended by many of the families. My girlfriend thought the owner/instructor was extravagant in things he said or did but she didn't have the same odd feeling about him like the other instructor, so she felt ok with me being there.

One day I noticed that a certain family had stopped coming to class. I asked the instructor if he knew where they were? He said that they had just left one day and left a note that they were not coming back and that he felt very hurt about it because he had invested so much time in their family. I accepted this. Why? Why not? Why would my instructor lie to me? I was sad because they were a nice couple and had 2 nice kids who were fun to play with and they had invited my girlfriend and I out a few times for movies or to events.

But this was not the truth...soon I was to find out what REALLY had gone on...


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He better throw in a couple of private lessons too if I am going to raise his kid.

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But this was not the truth...soon I was to find out what REALLY had gone on...



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I was in class one Saturday afternoon, working hard on one of my forms while the instructor was teaching some private classes in a corner and some of the senior students were working together on the techniques they had taught. The instructor was now a 3rd degree BB since we had moved to this new karate organization.

It was a strip mall location so basically the 3 sides of the room all had mirrors and the front of the room was windows from floor to ceiling which gave you the view of the parking lot. As I was working I looked up to see a car come careening into the parking lot, slam on the brakes and stop parked across 3 parking spots. Out of the car stepped the husband, eyes wild, and as he stepped out I saw a baseball bat in his hand. I knew he was angry because he didn't even bother to shut the door or turn off the car.

I'd never seen him angry like this but he was also one of the senior students and I was bewildered as to what was going on. I had not seen him or his wife or kids in 1 or 2 months so his showing up was a surprise. But before I could even walk to the door to greet him he was kicking the door open and screaming the instructor's name and walking towards him.

It was pretty obvious that it was about to go down. I don't know why, I didn't know what had gone on, but in that moment I was sure I was about to see the rarest of the rarest events. A karate battle! Holy jumping jeebus! I can't speak for the rest of the students but I stepped back for 2 reasons. 1) I wanted to see this holy grail of events go down and 2) the guy had a friggin' baseball bat and was angry as hell. I had no dog in whatever the fight was so I was not going to get into it between 2 guys I was friends with until I knew wtf was going on.

So there I was, ready to witness this unicorn of events...and it never happened.

The instructor ran to his office while most the senior students and the private lesson ran and hid in the dressing rooms. The angry husband started bashing on the door with the bat screaming at the instructor to come out so he could kill him. The instructor, who could see me through the window in the office window started yelling at me to get the husband out of here before he called the police.

Damn it.

I was not going to see the battle of the 3rd degree karate master vs the angry senior student with the baseball bat. So, not thinking, I walked over to the husband and said that he better go before the police show up and he goes to jail for something stupid and his kids have to know their Dad was in jail. he looked at me for a second, huffing and puffing, and I told him, to give me his keys and I would drive and we could go somewhere and talk. To my surprise, after a few seconds of looking at me he reached into his pocket and tossed me the keys, and then he swing the bat and it went through the door and embedded itself in it. Then he walked with me to the car.

I got in, and started driving while he just sat there. I drove to a Tim Horton's coffee shop. I thought if he freaks out again, a public place would be the best place to be. We got out, went in, and sat down. As he drank his coffee, the true story came out...

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TryhardNobody - how did he give you the keys if he never turned the car off Dougie


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TryhardNobody - how did he give you the keys if he never turned the car off Dougie
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