If your wife died, what would you do?

Id be devastated. When I got past that I'd take a lap through all the women I used to fuck around with that wish they ended up with me now that they see how I turned out. Easy pickings. 

Best of luck to you and your wife, and positive thoughts.

Dougie is the go to here. Much respect to him, and I've tried to store some of his stories in my head.

I lost a 5 yo daughter to cancer, then found out my wife is stage IV breast cancer. She will go at some point also, but she is doing well w treatment right now. There are no stage 4 survivors though. It will come back.

My singular focus - take care of my kids.

TheVandalz - I would die of starvation within the week.

You can buy sandwiches, bro. 

Good luck op. Hope it goes well.

Good luck tomorrow OP.  Hope everything turns out well.

I probably wouldn't make it without my wife.

She's so neurotic that she doesn't realize how truly important she is.

I said a prayer for you OP. 

I'd be lost, I'd raise my son to the best of my ability. I'm not sure I'd remarry

No advice other than listen to Dougie, he knows.
Best wishes to you and your wife.

I would never marry again. I would stay single and spend every bit of my time other than work with my kids. I would be a broken man if my wife died.

The two of you will be in my thoughts. Good luck.

Hang in there bud

I wouldn't have a clue. Prayers to you and the wife brother. She will kick ass again.

I look at how my mom has carried on since my dad passed away.  She has him in her heart constantly.  Talks to him and goes on all the trips they promised to do together.  She learned to shoot his guns and keeps his favorite pistol with her constantly.  She keeps everything of his and left his work space untouched.   

When I got married I left a spot for him at the head table.   

My wife recently had some medical scares.   She wants me to someday find another woman to help raise the kids, and take care of me.  I refuse.  I mate for life.  

I couldn't imagine wanting to find someone else after her.   I'd take care of myself and soldier on for the kids. But I'd approach it as my mission is to complete the life we were trying to build together.  


That being said, I wish you and your wife the best and that you don't have to face this for a very long time to come.  

You're in my prayers. 

If her body was still warm, I'd fuck her.

Man that's rough, hope everything goes well. Good luck.

Dougie -
Edelweiss - 

Have you ever thought about it?

I'm being forced to think about it. My wife has a surgery tomorrow. This is the second time she is having it. The first time, the surgeon gave her a 10% chance to live. She did, and has soldiered on 6 more years.

Unfortunately, everything doesn't always stay fixed. She is having the same surgery tomorrow. She is having her intestines cut and resected due to an inability to eat or drink meaningful quantities. The surgeon said her intestines have looped on themselves, and scar tissue is keeping them constricted.

So, anyway, we just had friends come over. The entire talk was about how I will manage if she doesn't make it tomorrow. WTF? Anyway, I don't know. I think I'll disappear to an island somewhere -- maybe sell stuff on the beach. I will just want to get away from this all. I love my wife more and more every day. So, the memories we've built may just be too much.

Anyway, I've got a lot on my mind, and am just wondering what you savages would do?

Go to war, OP.

Teh OG is right behind you.

Damn right, positive thoughts sent

Dougie -
Sincognito - I had a co-worker, young guy with a huge, saggy gut, get married and have kids. He was poor, so he and his wife delivered newspapers in the A.M., as well.

2 months ago they're in a horrible car accident. His wife dies. For the next month his Facebook posts were either sharing memories/pictures of his wife, or GoFundMe's for funeral expenses and tombstone expense.

Then, out of the blue, he starts posting pictures of him and another woman (who is always flicking the camera off), and before you know it the dude is in a relationship. Now, every post is some meme about love and how much he's in love with this woman. He's also posting text pictures that say shit like, "Never judge a woman for crying, you don't know what hell she has gone through."

I'm like, so confused by how much he's just switched from mourning husband to desperately in love lunatic.

When you're so broken that you barely are able to manage being alive, and then one day something gives you the reason to do that again, you'll understand.

Take a breath, now go post about how oxygen is so awesome you couldn't live without it.