If You're Conor.....

And both options are realistic, do you a) take the fight with Mayweather, lose, retire a fucking millionaires millionaire

B) Go back down to featherweight, POSSIBLY go on one of the greatest sprees of all time, taking out Edgar, Aldo (again), Holloway, Jeremy Stephens, Cody G, + whoever else comes along. That's a fucking big if.

c) continue fannying around, getting the Diaz fight and pulling out until everyone loses interest and he eventually loses to Diaz in worse fashion. Phone Post 3.0

Option c I hope. Cody Garbrant is a bantamweight btw. Phone Post 3.0

i suppose going for the biggest money fight is smartest.

but defending his belt is necessary

Fight Nate Diaz in boxing.

You mean if you are Dana what do you let Conor do? Phone Post 3.0

Make the biggest payday possible and sat fuck you to the haters Phone Post 3.0

If the $50 million is true for the mayweather fight then that's easily the first choice.

And there's no real downside to fighting Nate again. He'll still be FW champ win or lose but if he does win he can probably go challenge for the LW title next. That was the original plan and still the goal for conor I believe. Phone Post 3.0

Win lose get embarrased. Doesnt matter. $50 mill is a no braner for anyone whobisnt completely stupid. Phone Post 3.0