if zuffa have bought pride ...

what match's NEED to happen ?

thanks teeth

Hey let's speculate.

This is only sport in the world where what could be potentially the biggest story in its existance is broken on a fansite forum and not believed by anyone.

eh...why not?

Fedor vs. Arlovski
Fedor vs. Sylvia
Nog vs. Mir(dunno why but I always thought this would be good)
Nog vs. Arlovski
Nog vs. Sylvia
Barnett vs. Sylvia

Any combo of Shogun, Silva, Rogerio, Liddell, Tito, Babalu, Vera, Rampage that has not yet occurred.

Hendo vs Franklin or Silva

Gomi vs. anyone.

I believe, I believe [while clicking my heels together]