IFC 5 Post Fight VLOG :)

Sup UG?? Here is my post fight VLOG from Invicta Fighting Championships 5 :) It's 32 minutes long & features a ton of footage including...

- Me curing my boredom during flights to the United States 
- The moment I find out we've got our lost luggage back
- Insight into some of my fight week responsibilities
- Training footage from the hotel workout room
- Phone conversation with UG Forum member shootfightermike
- My weight cutting routine/whinging routine
- Behind the scenes weigh in footage
- Me interacting with my supporters/signing autographs
- Behind the scenes during my walk out
- Behind the scenes after my fight
- Footage from post event press conference
- Me shooting a fully automatic assault rifle
- Me attempting to play mini-golf
- Snippets of my many, many food binges

Stay tuned for some big news regarding my future!! Thanks for the support as always :)


Terrible Todd

haha, Aussie as fuck - "Wanna make weight? Then get in the fuckin' bath."

Seeing your face during that weight cut reminded me of how much it fucking sucks. certainly don't miss it.

Looked like a fun trip and all you had to do was rip someone's arm off to get it! What a deal!

So thats what SFM sounds like BEEEP. I always figured he sound like Jeff Bridges,


Thanks guys :) TTT!!

Watched it earlier, very good video blog.


Thanks for watching guys :) Any feed back would be great as I'm always trying to improve these!!