IFC for the love of God please...

release the Global Domination event on DVD or for Indemand PPV without the HD connection.Sorry I don't have an HD tv but want to see this event so bad it's not funny.So many great fighters on this card it was sick.Horn, Babalu, a young Shogun, Prangly, Eric Wanderlei, Sonnen, Forrest Griffen, and Marquardt.This was one of the most stacked cards in history please God release this event!

I have it on dvd.

How did you get it?I know they released it in Austrailia and maybe England but not the US as of right now unless you have a no region DVD player.

I wish I could get my hands on it somehow...you guys are lucky to have it.With it being on HD would recording it onto a DVD is it able to play on a regular tv or not?

A friend gave me a copy of it. Awesome event.

Is anyone able to get me a copy somehow?

sometimes you just gotta do what you has to be done

I could hook you up with a copy of it.

Budovideos.com has it on region 2 DVD

If you have a computer and a dvd burner, making a copy of any dvd- including eliminating the region coding- is very easy.

I wish I could download the HD version, it looked incredible. Unfortunately I don't have any HD capture stuff myself.