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MMA.tv is honored to announce its latest Official Sponsor, The International Fighting Championships (IFC).



Founded nearly ten years ago, the IFC was the vision of pioneering martial artist and event promoter Howard Petschler, who soon began working with another martial artist and promoter, Mike Thomas, of Kanawake, Canada.

In 1997, California's Paul Smith joined the IFC team to become IFC Commissioner. Under his tireless direction, the IFC rules began to evolve; in 1996 they became the first MMA rules recognized by a state Athletic Commission (Mississippi). Through Paul's extraordinary efforts, they are now recognized as the "Unified MMA Rules," adapted by the leading state Commissions, including California, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Since its first event in Kiev, Ukraine, IFC events have been held in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, New York, Georgia, North Dakota, Hawaii, Minnesota, California, New Jersey, and Canada.

In Canada, a country that had once banned MMA due to misinformation, the IFC rules are officially sanctioned by the province of Québec, and IFC events are viewed across Canada.

IFC shows on RDS in Canada were the first regularly scheduled MMA weekly network program anywhere on Earth!

The IFC has now joined efforts with one of the World's most recognized martial arts sanctioning bodies, the ISKA, and will be their MMA sanctioning division. This serves to hasten the acceptance of the sport worldwide, and will see IFC events eventually become regular televised programming. As the IFC continues to grow, new territories for the MMA market have been established. Millions of fans in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have now seen IFC events.

The IFC is also actively engaged with the development of a new broadband channel FightTV which can be seen at www.fighting.com. Contract discussions are currently under way with several other television outlets hungry for IFC content.

For the latest IFC news please visit their web page at


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