IFC - Susanville results and pics

Night of the Warrior’s V Results
Lightweight Tournament Fights

  1. Joseph Martin def. Brandon Jinnies at 1:51 in the 3rd Rd. Referee stoppage due to submission by strikes

  2. David Douglas def. Richard Savala at :08 in the 1st Rd. Referee stoppage due to strikes

Lightweight Final Fight

  1. David Douglas def. Joseph Martin at: 46 in the 1st Rd. Referee stoppage due to towel throw in

Welterweight Tournament Fights

  1. Billy Evangelista def. Aaron Johnston at 3:42 in the 1st Rd. Referee Stoppage due to towel throw in

  2. Todd Rucker def. Mike Speegle at 3:50 in the 2nd Rd. Tapout due to rear naked choke

Welterweight Final Fight

  1. Billy Evangelista def. Todd Rucker at 2:42 in the 2nd Rd. Referee stoppage due to fighter failed to respond to Ref.

Flyweight Single Fight

  1. Danny Ailes def. Mihran Zanturyan at :19 in the 1st Rd. Tapout due to rear naked choke

Flyweight Single Fight

  1. Moses Valentine def. Adam Arias at 2:26 in the 2nd Rd. Tapout due to front cross arm choke from the mount

Middleweight Single Fight

  1. A.J. Jameson def. Olen Lee at 1:17 in the 1st Rd. Tapout due to Reverse Triangle

Light Heavyweight Tournament Fights

  1. Dave McCabe def. Karl Lund at end of the 1st Rd. Doctor stoppage due to Cut

  2. Brandon Smith def. Matt Fisher at 2:21 in the 1st Rd. Due to Knock-Out

Light Heavyweight Final Fight

Brandon Smith was unable to continue due to a broken hand No title fight happened.

Heavyweight Single Fight

  1. Torrell Deez def. Brad Imes at 2:35 in the 1st Rd. Due to technical knock out

  2. Chris Kiever def. Brian Sleeman at 3:24 in the 1st Rd. Referee stoppage due to rear naked choke

Mason, any pics of my fight?


I have a couple, but they're not that great. I was experiencing some technical difficulties during most of your fight. I'll post a couple and if you want me to email them to you then post your email address or email me at mason@volcano.net



here ya go!

Mason White told me he thought Kiever was dumb and didn't deserve the win. Thats why he wouldn't post the pics at first.

lol, that's why I started a thread entitled "Congrats CKiever" the day after the fight. Who are you, dunce?


"I want blood"

There was so much blood from one of the fights, that it went through the canvas,passed through two layers of 1/2 foam, and onto the plywood.


did you see yourself in the last Kiever pick?


Not until you mentioned it.Damn I look different in every picture that I see myself in.

By the way Mason.....Those are some nice clear quality photos that you take.

Thanks, Mike, I'm workin' on it.


One Man Army said that he wanted to see blood,my god if he would have seen what some of the fighters looked like, before we wiped them down,his appetite would have been fulfilled.

edited due to the removal of OMA's previous post...

I was just fucking around.

What?!?!?! Oh, shit.. I gotta go make a phone call......don't answer your door....


Let me translate for you Dunc.....

I need to call the "hitman/enforcer" to not go ahead and ruin your day.So don`t answer your door in case it is him.

Mason, thanks for posting those pics my email is unifiedmma@yahoo.com if you have any more- by looking at them it looks like I need to work on my abs. Thanks for posting those. Email me any others you may have.