IFC turns my town into warzone!!!

IFC hade a few decent fights, alot of mismatches, quick matches, ect. Anyway afterwords in downtown the whole bar scene was nothing but fights. There were many all out bar brawls totaly out of control, There was a major brawl at casino after the fights. heres to the shit. I am pushing the chairman of the local tribe to have cage fights return but just not the IFC. They pay fucking peanuts

Speaking of April fools....

:) 25260 posts sounds like your the fool. get a life!

Ban him Mr. Moderator

Ban him Mr. Moderator

"your the fool"

Muaaaahahahahaha. Classic.


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Ron what ever you are smoking you might want to cut back a little.

Most the fighters went down town, there where NO fights other then the ones in the cage.

There was No Brawl or fights at the casino after the show.

IFC, remember. It's Ron Krull saying these things. So in other words, take it with less than a grain of salt.

I can't beleve they still let this jurk off still post here!

Ron Krull you are an idiot. I wish someone would just break all of your fingers. Seriously FUCK OFF!!!

I heard that there was a battle at casino and few people were all bloody. However in downtown sault Ste Marie there were all kind of brawls. I guess everybody was all pumped up. I think your show was a good show, kinda short and some mismatches. From what I heard the people liked it but I dont think they thought it was a exciting as boxing. I thought u guys did a good job at the promotion but my only thing is that the purses were cheap as hell, probably the title fights fought for peanuts as well. Met some good people there. IFC is a good promotion. In case you guys didnt know it there are over 30 bars in my town. Thanks for the fight for Shawn M. too all the haters u can suck my ass. AGAIN I THINK THE IFC IS A GOOD CAGE PROMOTION

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i saw your name pop up on friday night fights dude

I almost had sam reese(world class fighter) knocked out in round 1