IFL--Don Frye

Shannon:  Don, what are your thoughts tonight, your team came up a bit short.

Don:  We looked like a bunch of sissies out there.  Just terrible.

Shannon:  Where do you go from here?

Don:  We were like reverse transvestite, know what I am saying?  We were like girl scouts, should get them some dresses.  Where do we go from here?  Well, I am going to kill a couple of them, that's for sure, and then I will have to find me some men. 

frye is a bad mofo

king of the staredowns

love watching that guy

"Frye got KTFO by Jerome Le Banner and Gary Goodridge."

He's still 2-1 against Goodridge if memory serves.

& theres no shame gettin ktfo by lebanner ... jlb is one of the baddest dudes on this planet

I am really turning into a huge Don Frye fan

ttt for dong frye

Maybe Don will go back and "fix" the problem. He will be able to "fix" it no doubt!

Don Frye = Bob Knight of mma. lol...

correct sir

Well Japan made him hella crazy, but Donny Frye is one of the first great American true mixed martial artists. The game might've moved on a bit but Donny made his mark. Respec'

Don is great.  He's gonna have some soundbites as a coach that will make Bob Knight look like a saint.

Don is the original 'kneebahhh' yeller

"Re-watches Bitetti vs Frye "

That fight was brutal, Don gave a beating that night.


  Don is Hilarious! It’s hard to keep my composure when I interview him.

Check out Dear Don: Advice from "The Predator" at www.ifl.tv he answers e-mails and some of his responses are classic Don and that’s priceless entertainment. It’s great!



Bwahahha! That advice page is SWEET. What a brilliant idea. Don @#%*in' rules.

Don actually ragged on his first fighter that won. Rather than say "nice job" right away Don was grumbling to the guy about how the guy and the teams cardio sucked. Tough guy to please.

That advice page is hysterical--he's like the fruitcake lady used to be, minus about 50 years. 

I still lol when I think of Tank commentating on Frye's fight with Brian Johnston:

Tank:  "Ohh, lookie here.  We got.......Magnum P.I. versus Superman's underwear".

The dream team of commentators would be 3 great big bottles of Vodka, all halfway empty, with Rogan, Bas and Tank on the microphones.



Ruas vs Frye, IFL?

Frye is a great guy and a pioneer, but is shot as a fighter. He drew Warpath and got his butt kicked by James Thomspson.

Don Frye will be the premier counterpoint argument in the Boxing vs. MMA debate regarding permanent brain damage.