IFL Everett tonite

Anyone else going? i'm actually looking forward to it, hopefully they put on a good show




Great card.

Bas came by the Naval Base to visit, it was great to shake his hand

Bas is the man.

i grew up in snohomish, so i've always had a strong dislike for everett... but i would go if i still lived there.

not a huge fan either- but the venue is pretty nice, brand new actually

is it at that new convention center thingie on hewitt, down the street from JIMMY'Z (lolz)?

btw, gnp randy, did you know randy is from lynnwood? he must be without a doubt the most successful person ever from lynnwood, brier or south everett!

Yeah, its at the Everett Events center, 7500 capacity, i think its sold out- Randy is the pride of the whole state of Washington!


jens pulver is from WA too- renton i think. and josh barnett is from north seattle, which makes 3 UFC champs from the greater seattle area!