IFL hits $2.75

Wow, IFLI traded as low as $2.75 today, trading on volume of about 50,000 shares (as of 1:35 p.m.). Inknow there are a few people here on this board that trade the stock and have experienced some success with it (Trading as high as $17.00 just a few months ago). This isn't to knock the organization, I think their shows are great and the concept is cool as hell too. Just figured I'd give a heads up to those that own it, and those who said they may of wanted to grab some down here (this thread is in no way a reccomendation to buy). Good luck and have a great day guys.

Thanks, I shouda sold it along time ago!

Anybody know when IFl will start broadcasting live shows?

Lol, don't board a sinking ship my brethren...

I should short 1000 shares of IFL, I'll make a few thousand dollars probably, haha.

I like the IFL a lot.The team aspect reminds me of wrestling.

I wrote about this as far back as december and even before then when it was on its way up. even had pat miletich attest to the quality of the IFL right after my post. I have nothing against IFL the organization, its members, or concept. in fact i wished them well. But when it comes to penny stocks it doesn't matter who or what you are. Financeers and Hedgefunds create pump and dump situations in order to leave Joe Schmoe with tha bag. good luck everyone.


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From: transcendente

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if yuo guys don't know what pump and dump means qet out of the stock. these pennies are severely manipulated. they are probably distributing the stock at over inflated prices so that they can get rid of the stock at obscene prices and leave a new shareholder holding the bag. this is all my humble opinion and i wish everyone luck. these kinds of pennies have ruined many peoples lives and in the end there is not much recourse due to there being no real assets in the company. once again i don't wish anyone ill and ask that ya'll be careful.
look up pump and dump term before you get in on this OTC stock.

I daytrade NAZ baskets stocks for living in case you wonder how i know about this stuff.

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From: croatian

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The IFL is no flash in the pan gentlemen. Next time somebody might listen.
As big things keep developing with the league, the stock will continue to climb.

How many ug members own a peice of Pride or the UFC?

Welcome fellow IFL owners.


check out www.mmastocks.com. they cover all mma stocks.

I might buy 5 shares and tell everyone that I am the next Dana White.