IFL Interviews

a few interviews from ugo.com

Tiffany Fallon interview: www.ugo.com/ugo/html/article/?id=17180

Bas Rutten interview: www.ugo.com/ugo/html/article/?id=17183

Renzo Gracie interview: www.ugo.com/ugo/html/article/?id=17182

Rory Markham interview: www.ugo.com/ugo/html/article/?id=17181


I am in love with Tiffany Fallon, pretty upset that she is married



I thought you were in love with Rory?  Are you cheating on him with a woman?

He's my cousin, so that would be wrong all over the place. You sick bastard


ttt, thanks for the active link

move to the south and then it is acceptable.  (should it scare me that the only objection  you had was that you are cousins  and the fact that you are both male never crossed your mind)

I said it would be wrong all over the place.

Meaning, that is sick!

can I borrow her hanky to sneeze in?

see now if she dressed like that on the battleground episodes the ratings would be through the roof