IFL Last Night

First off, Big Kryz lost a decision to Mike Whitehead (29-28), but from the accounts I've received from a few friends in attendance, Kryz was by far the more impressive fighter. I was told Whitehead gassed bad and refused to get up off the mat on a couple of occasions. Tough break for the Experiment but I know you will bounce back stronger than ever. Every fight you continue to improve and I have no doubt that trend will continue.

Next is Brent. Seems like the IFL has their own version of Rocky. Everytime Brent fights, he gets a standing ovation for his heart and unstoppableness (is that a word???). I keep having wrestlers ask me how Brent is doing in MMA, so please continue impressing everyone that is lucky enough to see you fight so I can keep telling them great things.

Also a quick congrats to Bartimus for stopping Shultz in the 3rd round by stretcher-inducing KO. Next up is Bartimus vs. Horodecki which is bound to be a standup war. However, when the switch kick lands, no one stands......not even Bartimus.

I look forward to seeing all these fights on tv.

TTT for the IFL and the season ahead.

The IFL is slowly coming along. The stock offering is a great thing imo and I would love to see more promotions do something similar.

Now if they would just start producing DVDs...

Bartimus vs. Horodecki should be incredible.

Brent wants to thank you for your kind words and support....he came back a happy man for his performance and continues to grow more and more inside and out. The media failed to report more than a few brilliantly shining points in his favour but what are you gonna do? He is physically good-a few scapes and bruises and is lookign forward to a great year beginning in February in Atlanta. IF anyone wants help bookign plane tickets-I would be more tahn happy to take a look for you in return for your warm wishes and loud screams of encouragement fomr the stands!

Tammy, Krieger.....and Brent Beauparlant

"Everytime Brent fights, he gets a standing ovation for his heart and unstoppableness"....TTT Beauparlant(s)! Id love to go watch Brent throw down. Talk to you guys soon.


great fights