i got a tough choice to make ive been waiting for bj's rematch for a while but wanna see the ifl with my friend from brazil real bad. what to do? im gonna take the first 10 answers and use it to make up my mind thanks ug!


Then roll to speak easy with some of afterwards for a free showing of teh UFC replay.

IFL, and a replay. No doubt.

Not sure how many of us are hitting speak easy afterwards... but it sounds like alot.

Its a few mins from the mark.

The Speak Easy is the place of the Official Silverbacks afterparty from what I have been told.

works for me =)

Just set up the video camera and oil wrestle with your brazilian friend. You know you two want to wrassle....real bad.
Then upload the results here on the ug and wait patiently by your post for some more advice.

I think I already made his mind up for him.

Go me.

You only have one chance to watch a live event

a pretty obvious statement I know but there is nothing like a live event.

Whenever I go to a live fight I have to keep reminding myself to watch the action in the ring and not on the screen. I think to myself.."Self..you will never ever get the chance to see what is going on in that ring but what you are watching on screen will be replayed a million times on a UG thread sponsored by U-Tube"


I will see you there! :)

Ron. I miss your face.

"Ron. I miss your face."

LOL! That sounds really gay!

I am the homo of MMA.TV

Until you see my date tonight.

ifl and then the replay see ya there.

You can also go looking for people on the internet to send you the video after you watch the IFL.

Good choice my friend. Remind me to purchase you a shot.

BTW, when is the previous IFL being shown on tv? Does anyone remember?

sunday at 6 central

Thanks, Ryan.

why no fsn in ill no more it makes me sick is there anyway I can watch fsn in ill?