IFL Moline Photos?

Anyone have any good pictures from the IFL event that took place over the weekend? Or a site to find them at.

I'm assuming IFL.tv has some

Yeah, I saw they have a few.




Tbid--were you at the fights?

Ringside bitches! Rory had one hell of a comeback against Healy.

MFSFan---What was your take on the Bart fight?  I know by your name, that you'll certainly have your opinion, but I can't get much news on the Gunderson/Bart fight.  Guns is a local boy done good and many around here were saying he shouldn't have lost the split. 

At the time, I thought Gunderson should have won, but I would have to see it again to confirm that. I was sober, but there were a lot of good fights that night, and they all sort of blended together (watched UFC when I got home too). It was pretty close, if I recall correctly.

Vernon White pulled a pretty classless move by not shaking Sam's hand before the fight, and then grabbed the mic to lecture the crowd after the fight when they booed him. They weren't booing him for his perfomance (although Sam was beating him up to the point that he got caught), they were booing him for his lack of class. How ironic that Ken Shamrock preaches about class/respect, but let's Vernon get away with an act like that?

Rory's KO was awesome! He was definitely having a tough time with Healy when he got the KO. I am sure that people won't overlook Healy in the future. I honestly told the guy that I was with that one of Rory's strengths are that he gets stronger as the fight goes on. However, I was starting to think he wasn't going to pull it off when he got the KO. That'll teach me to doubt Rory again! lol I am happy for him though, he definitely deserved it. He is one of the coolest guys around and will be a force for a LONG time to come!

Anyway, here is s long winded TTT for TBidness and some pics of Rory's KO...

I was front row and am MFS fan, but I think Bart lost. Vernon White is a piece of **** for the way he was acting to the fans as well... but Ken was a class act because we were all over him and he just ate it and smiled! Vernon was claiming Mike C faked an injury not to fight him and was running his mouth after his fight! The producer made him move and told him to shut-up. He grabbed his genitals and said" Your mom" and someone said atleast my mom has a winning record...that shut him up!

TTT for some pics!

Ron, I would be most appreciative if I heard from you as to how the Moore fight transpired





I am still hoping Sherdog posts photos of the event, as they usually take a few days to get everything up.

Anyone else get any photos at this event?



Check MMAFighting.com in a couple of hours.

Thanks bro!

looking forward to seeing a plathora of Rory Markham pictures.

No prob Tbidness!

here's the set of pictures from the Silverbacks-Lions matchups

Rory Markham!