IFL on FSN -in your area, not mine

Here I am in Quad Cities, home of Miletich Fighting Systems. Guess what? Our cable provider doesn't carry Fox Sports Net.

Is Fox Sports Net that big of a deal? It isn't compared to Spike.

It looks like I will have to dump cable except for internet.

Is Fox Sports that popular?

Fox Sports is pretty big

I'm in Ames and we have every FSN, but we also have DirecTV. In Ottumwa, at my mom's house, we have FSN, but only one channel, since it is a regional thing. Who is your cable provider? I thought Mediacom carried it...

Up until now it has sucked imo but I'm not into non-comnat sports. I would have to pay extra with DTV to get it and I won't unless there is more than just IFL on board.

I dont get FSN :( stupid canadian tv lol

Mediacom is the provider on both sides of the Mississippi River here (IA and IL).

They have substituted Comcast sports channel so everyone can watch the Cubs lose.

They made the change last fall according to the rep. It isn't available in any option package.

Yay for Minnesota!


The sports channel they substituted for FSN is Comcast Chicago Sports, even though the provider is Mediacom. Big Cubs fans, I guess the Bulls are coming back.

I wonder how much this is going to limit their potential audience if Fox Sports is regional or not carried as much?