IFL on FSN - Thoughts?

Extremely professional, awesome fights, the IFL is fucking awesome. I can't wait until the fights on the 28th!

the 28th of what?

I agree, it was very professional, good fights, but I could do without Quadros.


"the 28th of what?"

next sunday

i was impressed

i thought it was going to be a train wreck like the gracie fight challenge-- but it turned out to be top notch

Very top notch. It has a boxing feel to it. I really really like it. I'm not too sold on the team aspect but, whatever. I have a feeling they are going to be pulling away from that soon enough.


I thought it was a success. Great show. I hated the team concept, or so I thought until tonight. Really a fun show. Well, aside from Quadros' announcing co-host. That guy was clueless.

Really cool show, I hope it does well and continues to put shows on. Good addition to the UFC, Pride, and potentially the WFA.

Wasnt great, but wasnt horrible.

Team concept is still weak, especially when all of Bas' relativley novice or slim record fighters get steamrolled by the more experienced Miletitch crew. No reason to think the same wouldnt happen again, which hurts the competative/team aspect.

After watching, I love the IFL but the team concept, I feel, in order for the IFL to succeed needs to go.