IFL Play-By-Play

The IFL's sixth event of its 2007 season is underway and we've revved up the live play-by-play at The Fight Network.

NY Pitbulls vs. Portland Wolfpack

Toronto Dragons vs. Arizona Scorpions

IFL Live Play-By-Play

TTT for Toronto Dragons!

IFL = Indoor Football League?

huh, dragons, scorpions?

Wagney Fabiano vs. Cam Ward

How is everyone tonight?



good loretta! how about you??

im fine and u ? Im about to smoke

lol. hey Daren.


I'm good. Very blessed.



The Dragons have shut out the Scorpions 3-0.

Mike Whitehead should take this one.

Woop!...Like I was saying :)

poor Kaszowski can't catch a break. He's had a baptism by fire into this sport.


Can you guys remember the name of the famous martial artists that are kids, like age 13-16.

Has even won a fight yet?...

I don't think so

Let me look

TTT for the dragons.. strangly enough i just got home from my operation on the knee yesterday and everything went well. now is just rehab and then BACK TO WORK in the ring ..